Rozz Zimmerman

Official Music Video for Kalyptra Keres “Emerald Pools”

Lift the veil of banal reality and submerge yourself in the surreal sensory odyssey of Emerald Pools! Follow your voice that is callin’ you here and enjoy!

Released February 2022

Prodcution Studio: Deux Wave
Directed by Rozz Zimmerman
Animation Direction- Raymo Ventura
Director of Photography- Vince Ortega
Director of Photography (Underwater)- Ryan Putnam
Director of Photohraphy (Aquarium)- Tamara Hahn

Make Artist/ Hairstylist- Maria Lena Pasciullo
Hair Stylist- Carly Mayer
Executive Producer/ Morale- Snacks The French Bulldog

Special Thx! Murderhouse Swim Club